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Pictured: Kevin Thornton (Color Me Badd), Benjiman, Mr. Talkbox, Rachael Lampa
Event Hosted at MoPop Museum Seattle

Who We Are

We are a new kind of digital agency focused on a content-driven world.  We can produce all the pieces needed to raise your visibility.  On the Internet, “No one is famous because everyone is.”  Everyone now must be a content generation machine in order to be seen.  At the same time, we believe in good old-fashioned audience-building. There are no shortcuts: buying followers, buying views/spins, etc. are not the path to growth and creating movements.  Real creators and entrepreneurs build power with great stories, products, events, and content that win people over, one-by-one.  We know this, because we’ve lived it through the lives of artists and content creators for over 15 years.

We were founded in 2003 with a dream of helping artists of all kinds reach their potential. Derek Hoiem started by recording friends, and then more friends, realizing that artists needed help. They needed help with the creative process, with business stuff, with financing their operations, and with knowing how to push their creativity out into the world. In 2005, we discovered Capitol Records artist Allen Stone, bringing him to the Seattle area from his hometown in Chewelah, Washington to make his first EP that landed his management deal. In 2008, we launched Save the City Records, a national record label, that has released dozens of albums reaching the iTunes home page, Billboard charts, and hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. We also provided the capital and creative talent to bring Jam the Hype to more audiences, creating a global music blog and Internet radio sensation. We’ve also been a good friend of non-profits, helping Christmas in the Northwest, Crista Ministries, World Concern, and Urban Youth Workers Institute connect with artists and audiences to help promote their causes.

Now we are bringing our real-world experience of creative talent management, production, and marketing to more people: authors, speakers, dancers, small business owners, as well as musicians. In today’s Internet-driven world, we’re all content creators now. Even if you own a small business, you’ll need to tell your story with a website, an app, events, social media, and to know strategic things like when to hire employees. We can help at all stages because we’ve been through it, and we can do it. Our dream is helping you achieve yours.

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