Corporate Clients

The Discovery Institute

The Discovery Institute provides thought-leadership on a variety of topics from society to science. We have been providing technical consulting, producing, and livestreaming services to the Discovery Institute of Seattle. Please see our live event services and video series that we produced for their premier COSM Conference.


“Women in Technology Operations” is a non-profit dedicated to helping advance the cause of women in the technology sector.

We provide branding, logo, web design, livestreaming, audience-building, advertising, and content consulting services.


Pitch Studio

Pitch is a company that is creating revolutionary tech that personalizes learning experiences through artificial intelligence.  The first iteration of this technology is through the Pitch Studio app that turns your favorite music artist into an intelligent assistant who coaches through you learning lyrics to their songs.

We’re providing music business and UX consulting to the Pitch corporation.


Music Clients


An exceptional talent from Nigeria, but now creating from Miami, Daramola is the producer who garnered attention from his work with Capitol Records artists The Social Club Misfits.  He currently is a staff writer for Sony Music, and has produced for Ke$ha, Lecrae, Dylan Fuentes, and many other A-List artists.

We provide technology consulting services to Daramola.

Zach Norman

Zach Norman

Seen on stage as a backing member of the Passion worship band, and collaborating with the grounding-breaking pop and hip-hop producer Gawvi, Zach’s musical and producing abilities cross many genres, including chill music through his o-jai collective. Zach’s home turf is writing mainstream pop, but he’s also done innovative initiatives, like offering NFT’s with breakout Los Angeles visual artist Daniel Allen Cohen. Zach cares passionately about mental and spiritual health and collaborates with various non-profits in the space.

 We are providing artist management and record label services to Zach.




iTunes editors called Je’kob a “rap auteur” and rightly so, as both an artist and as a producer.  Je’kob is also the creative force behind the The Washington Projects and award winning group Souljahz.  We helped map out and propel Je’kob’s solo career onto iTunes home pages, Billboard radio charts, sales charts, and onto key tours.

We are providing artist management and record label services to Je’kob.

Zach Norman

Michelle Limanni

Los Angeles-based Singer/Songwriter Michelle Limanni hails from Seattle Washington, where a wide variety of genre exposure helped the artist to curate her unique and soulful sound over 15 years of writing her own music. After her formative years of performance in musical theatre and various school choirs, Limanni took her love of Jazz, Pop, Soul, and all kinds of Rock into the studio to write songs that paint a vivid picture of the human condition. Limanni’s latest release, “Living in My Mind” is a vulnerable work from the artist that deals with the struggles of life, love, and the fight for mental health. .

 We providing artist management consulting to Michelle.



Karen Holtzblatt

Karen Holtzblatt is a legend in User Experience Design and User Research.  Her clients have included many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, General Motors, BMW, Intuit, and so many more.  She was a member of Digital Equipment Corporation’s research team that included many other computing legends.  She was also granted a special lifetime achievement award from the Association for Computing Machinery’s special interest group on human-computer interaction (SIGCHI).

We are helping Karen with social media, web, and marketing strategies.

Xola Malik

Xola is a motivational speaker and Grammy-winning rapper who was known for his moniker “Kid Sensation” while part of Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s “posse” on Nastymix Records. As a solo artist, he released 5 CDs, selling over 1,000,000 units. After a shift of focus and faith, Xola began recording music with messages under his own name while creating content for worldwide brands, charities, and sports organizations. Xola is an active recording artist, producer, public speaker, author, and actor. He is active in the community with his nonprofit Urban Harvest, and other youth-based projects. “I have a heart to spread hope, love and create meaningful dialogue through various art forms. I want to empower and inspire our youth.” – Xola

We are providing Xola with select artist management services.


Pedro Latorre

Pedro is an author/speaker and pastor of the church Rest, Los Angeles.  Pedro has also spoken in front of hundreds of thousands of people for Charity Water and Compassion International, raising millions of dollars for these great non-profits.  Pedro’s passion is to have people connect with their purpose in life and to embark on a meaningful and fulfilling journey.

We are providing Pedro with select artist management services. 


Past Clients

Allen Stone

Many people wonder how a blonde-haired crooner with R&B stylings of Stevie Wonder showed up on the worldwide music scene. Well, we discovered him in his hometown of his Chewelah, Washington at the young age of 18, and brought him out to Seattle in his red Izusu Trooper to record his first EP “Change”. That EP led to his first management deal, which led to his Capitol Records deal.

Byron “Mr. Talkbox” Chambers

Mr. Talkbox recently Mr. Talkbox was the original keyboardist for the legendary boy-band NSYNC, as well as the occasional keyboardist for Justin Timberlake, and the “Utility Man” for Grammy winner tobyMac.  Mr. Talkbox has also been a Grammy winner for his work with tobyMac, and a Dove award winner for his songwriting with Group 1 Crew.  We were the executive producers and record label for Mr. Talkbox on his Billboard charting single “Everything Works Together”, and his “Shine” EP that also garnered attention at radio.  Mr. Talkbox has been recently seen touring with Grammy winners Matthew WestLecrae.

Jeremy Rosado

Jeremy Rosado was a #8 finalist on The Voice in December of 2022, and  American Idol finalist from Season 11, reaching the top 12 and being one of Jennifer Lopez’s favorites on the show.  Jeremy sings around the world, and regularly leads worship at his home church in Lakeland, Florida.