Gear We Like

Gear We Like

Telestream Wirecast

We have been fans of Wirecast forever, and so we’ve now become a Wirecast affliate. We use and love other streaming solutions, too, but Wirecast has been our “go to” over the years. It runs on existing hardware that almost anyone has, it has been rock solid in performance, and it works with just about all cameras and hardware, including new NDI-based solutions. So, help us out and use our affiliate links below when you purchase.

If you have any questions about Wirecast and how I use it, please give me a call 877-803-7345.


Wirecast Gear

Click this to buy “Wirecast Gear” – the dedicated hardware that is an integrated video switcher, computer, and software solution in just a few rack spaces. All you need is this, some cables, and cameras.

Wirecast Streaming Software

Wirecast is THE streaming software that is both easy to use and powerful.  You can do almost anything with this, creating a professional broadcast from anywhere.


Many people wonder “How do I give product demos online?” or “How do I create how-to videos for YouTube?”  Well, here’s the solution: ScreenFlow.